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To begin the process of rebuilding and rehabilitating the social, physical, and institutional infrastructure, the Royal Government outlined its long-term vision for the future in the National Programme to Rehabilitate and Develop Cambodia (NPRD) that was adopted in 1994. Based on this vision, the 1st five year Socio-Economic Development Plan (SEDP I, 1996-2000) was formulated setting clear goals and milestones to be reached by 2000.

The 2nd Socio-Economic Development Plan (SEDP II 2001-2005) was prepared focusing on economic growth and poverty reduction. For the Royal Government, the most formidable development challenge has been and continues to be the development of the private sector that is the engine of economic growth to achieve reduction of poverty and improving the livelihoods and quality of life of the rapidly growing Cambodian population.

The 3rd five year development Plan for 2006-2010 was formulated to be the single, overarching, guiding, and reference national policy document for pursuing prioritized goals, targets and actions for the next five years. The new Plan was renamed to be the National Strategic Development Plan 2006-2010 (NSDP) [KHMER VERION]. NSDP 2006-2010 was organized using the Rectangular Strategy framework. In preparing the NSDP 2006-2010, the Royal Government had taken full ownership and actively led the process of the preparation of the Plan while ensuring participation of and consultations with all stakeholders.

The Royal Government recognizes the need to ensure consistency in terms of hierarchy, role, substance, coherence and synchronization between the “Rectangular Strategy”, the “National Strategic Development Plan”, and the Sectoral Development Strategies, as well as other policy documents, investment programs and the national budget; and this calls for a review of the timeframe of the “National Strategic Development Plan” and “Political Platform of the Royal Government” which includes the “Rectangular Strategy” as its socio-economic agenda”. The National Strategic Development Plan is the second important policy document of the RGC and is the roadmap for the implementation of the Political Platforms of the Royal Government as well as the Rectangular Strategy.

The National Strategic Development Plan Update 2009-2013 [KHMER VERION] is being prepared to accomplish two primary goals. First, to synchronize the time period covered by the NSDP Update with the term of the Fourth Legislature of the Royal Government in order to ensure that the actions, programs, and projects of all Ministries and Agencies are aligned to implement the prioritized policies of the RGC that are outlined in Rectangular Strategy Phase II. The second goal is to ensure that the roadmap to implement these prioritized policies by Ministries and Agencies has taken into account the potential impact of the global economic downturn on our economy.

National Strategic Development Plan 2014-2018 [KHMER Version] has been formulated for the implementation of the Rectangular Strategy Phase III with the identification of the priorities, indicators and timeframe for the implementation and with the identification of mechanism for the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Result Framework, especially setting the responsibility of the line ministries and agencies within each angle in order to gain high benefits from ASEAN Economic Integration in 2015 and to move out of the Least Developed Countries and to be become an Upper-Middle-Income Country in 2030. For the preparation of NSDP 2014-2018, the RGC has used the existing procedures and mechanism as for the preparation of NSDP Update 2009-2013 and spent a longer time period improving this national plan.







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