Cambodian Corner aims to gather together all relevant information related to Duty-Free, Quota-Free (DFQF) Market Access in terms of trade in goods for Cambodia as one of the Least-Developed Countries (LDCs), given by the WTO members.

DFQF Market Access


Generalized System of Preferences Least Developed Country Tariff Programme (LDCT) since 2000. Currently extended until 2024. Covers 98.6% of tariff lines (excludes dairy and other animal products, meat, meat preparations, cereal products).

  1. Guide to the LDCs Tariff
  2. Handbook of Canada’s GSP Scheme
  3. Preferential ROO for LDCs


DFQF for LDCs since 2014. Covers 99.5% of tariff lines (excludes cereals, sugar and milling products).

  1. Chile’s Notification on DFQF


Everything But Arms (EBA) initiative under the Generalised System of Preferences, since 2002.  Covers 99.8% of tariff lines (excludes arms and ammunition)

  1. EU’s GSP Policies
  2. EU’s GSP Customs
  3. EU’s Regulations related to GSP
  4. EU’s Handbook on ROO of GSP
  5. REX System for LDCs


GSP – Tariff preferences for the world’s poorest countries, since 2002.  Covers 91.8% of tariff lines.

  1. Iceland’s GSP Scheme for LDCs