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This page aims to take stock the key documents related to the Cambodia’s key documents related to Cambodia-Vietnam boarder issues into a single stop.

cam-vn border

Border Agreements and Term of References

  1. Presented by Samdech Hun Sen Prime Minister on Cambodia-Vietnam border:
    (Download here: Border Presenting 09 Aug 2012 KHM and ENG)
    (Download here: Border Presenting 08 Sept 2015)
  2. The Border Treaty of Cambodia- Vietnam 1985 and others related:
    (Download here: the_Border Treaty of_Cambodia_Veitnam_1985)
  3. Historical Maritime Border Agreement:
    (Download here: កិច្ចព្រមព្រៀងទឹកប្រវត្តិសាស្រ្ត)

Cambodian Prime Minister’s Letters (2015)

  1. Prime Miniter’s Letter to France-15 July 2015
  2. Prime Minister’s Letter to United Kingdom-15 July 2015
  3. Prime Minister’s Letter to United States-15 July 2015
  4. Prime Minister’s Letter to United Nations Secretary General-06 July 2015

Diplomatic note from Cambodian Foreign Ministry (2015)

  1. Discovered 5 ponds (No.1380 MFA-IC/CL4)-12 June 2015
  2. Found 3 ponds (No. 1388 MFA-IC/CL4)-14 June 2015
  3. Request to cease activities (No. 1418 MFA-IC/CL4)-17 June 2015
  4. Re-request to cease (No.1535 MFA-IC/CL4)-01 July 2015
  5. Announcement on the Outcomes of JBC- 10 July 2015 (Khmer version)
  6. KHM-MFA Letter to VN on Borderline (18 Aug 2016-Khmer Version)

Roundtable on Cambodia-Vietnam border issues (Videos)

  1. Conducting on May 21, 2015 (Click to watch in Youtube)
  2. Conducting on June 02, 2015 (Click to watch in Youtube)

Research and Studies

  1. Land Boundaries of Indochina: Cambodia-Laos and Vietnam 1998 (by Ronald Bruce St John, International Boundaries Research Unit, Department of Geography, University of Durham)
  2. International Boundary Study: Cambodia-Vietnam Boundary 1976 ( by the Geographer, Office of the Geographer, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Department of State)

Collective News Related to Cambodia-Vietnam Border

(These issues are remaining sensitive, but it is important for study)

* Koh Trol Issues:

  1.  Koh Trol (Link to Khmer RFA)Click Here 
  2.  Koh Trol (Link to The Prey Nokor News)Click Here

* Khmer Krom Issues: 

  1. Khmer Krom Introduction (link to Khmer View): Click Here
  2. Khmer Krom Timeline: Click Here
  3. Khmer Krom (Link to The Prey Nokor News): Click Here






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