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Feasibility Study on the Free Trade Agreement between Cambodia and the Eurasian Economic Union

Cambodia and the Eurasian Economic Union are seeking a FTA between them to increase trade, investment, and economic collaboration. Cambodia has been exploring a FTA with the EAEC to expand market access to Eastern Europe. The EAEU is a common market comprised of five nations (Armenia, Belarus, Kazashstan, Kyrgystan, and Russian), 176 million people, and a GDP of USD 2.5 trillion. The study examines the key impacts of a Cambodia-EAEU FTA on the Cambodian economy and the ASEAN region in terms of trade, investment, welfare, and the growth impact on the domestic and regional economy.

The FTA between Cambodia and the EAEU is widely expected to create significant opportunities for trade and investment. Cambodia could further boost the export of textiles and garment and agricultural product, while Eurasian exporters could potentially gain greater access to growing markets, especially in energy.

This study aims to quantitatively and qualitatively assess the impacts of this proposed FTA. It will also examine the current FTAs of the EAEU and provide updates on the Singapore-EAEU FTA negotiations and the VN-EAEU FTA.

To download full study:

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    October 13, 2020



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